Tuesday, December 24, 2013


On day 5 we went to the Hiroshima peace museum and I am sure you are all aware of the incident that happened there. I only took about 5 photos as I felt very overwhelmed and sad on this day and didn’t feel comfortable smiling in front of what remains after the atomic bomb. I’d recommend this museum as a learning experience but if you are planning on going bring some tissues and brace yourself for some shocking things that I myself didn’t expect to see.

Day 6 we woke up to a fantastic breakfast (katsu curry= my favourite Japanese meal) and hopped on a ferry to Miyajima island which happens to be filled with wild deer and spectacular views on top of the mountain. That night we went shopping in Hiroshima and I went to my first pet store in Japan and let’s just say I met my future puppy. Day 7 we went to Himeji Castle unfortunately it was undergoing maintenance so only some parts of the castle were available.

Love Alex

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