Monday, January 13, 2014


Open Air Museum
Tokyo Dome
Disney Land!
Shibuya at night
Allllllll the socks i bought in Japan

On day 11 we travelled on a cable car up to Hakone air museum whilst enjoying beautiful views of Mt Fuji. After spending sometime at Hakone air museum we got onto a train to our last destination of the trip…. TOKYO! That night we went to Tokyo Dome and saw some pretty lights and a roller-coaster that went through a shopping centre.
On day 12 it was time for Disney Land! I spent the day running around going on rides, getting photos with characters and just generally soaking in how magical it is.
On day 13 we went to Shinsaibashi tower to see 360 degree views of Tokyo. After that we headed to Harajuku for shopping! After Harajuku we went to Shibuya the biggest crossing in the world for more shopping. I went a bit crazy and bought lots of socks and clothes.

And finally Day 14 was our last day in Japan, I spent half the day at Harajuku for shopping and the rest in Shibuya shopping.
Love Alex

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