Thursday, March 13, 2014


Room Tour 2014!

Just a quick update for you guys, I have been thinking of doing a room tour for a while now but lets be honest who's room is ever clean enough to be seen by the public.
So I wanted my room to be mostly all white with a few cute little things around the place. I don't really like to fill the shelves which is kinda stupid but I don't like clutter. You may have also noticed the back of my door is black this is because about 2 years ago I attempted to make it into a blackboard and it didn't quite work out I really don't recommend you ever try it. haha

Anyway, this is my room!

Love Alex 

p.s I decided to show you only one part of my wardrobe because the rest of it was a complete mess and lets face it I was too lazy to fix it.


  1. Love your minimalistic interior and your wardrobe items look so cute - so many patterns :)
    I followed you on bloglovin!
    Maybe check out my blog too if you want, i only started it yesterday though ^^
    xx Marina

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go to my blog for details

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    2. Oh wow cool! thank you

      i will do it as soon as i can :)