Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm wearing: Forever 21 skirt + socks, Asos Ren boots, BooHoo mesh tee, Sportsgirl purse and Asos top

Club fashion is a pretty tragic situation if you ask me and I thought i’d shed some light on my go- to going out outfit!

When I haven't already worn my favourite shirts a few weekends in a row I usually opt for a lace or mesh top. I have quite the selection of these tops as they are my favourite thing to wear out.
Today I wore a little top from ASOS under my mesh tee but the options are endless! I also love wearing sequin and plain bralette’s under my lace/mesh tops. 

I’m not a big fan of the small top, super tight skirt and white clunky heels paired with the cheapest fake tan on the shelf It seems to be the look that every other girl is going for. (Which is fine just not my style before you freak out in the comments) 
So after being legal for a year now I have finally found what I feel most comfortable wearing out!

If you're fresh to the clubbing scene… here are some things to consider when choosing an outfit :
  • Will your sweat be noticeable after groovin' too hard
  • If you come across the problem of having to walk home.. will you last the trek in those shoes?
  • If you bend over is your butt on show?
  • Is that too much cleavage?
  • Do you really want people to see your drinking belly?
Leave some mystery with your outfits no one needs to see everything at first glance. I always say either choose cleavage and not too much leg or too much leg and no boobies.

I’m off to a festival in Brisbane tomorrow so i’ll talk to you guys in a few days with all the deets and what I wore there!

Love Alex


  1. love this outfit! - you look amazing

  2. awesome outfit...I definitely agree with you, so not into that whole club fashion style with short skirt, cleavage and heels and fake tan too..I'm more of a dress or skirt and top kinda gal like this much better :) I love the all black theme to this too :)

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  4. Haha I love this post! Nice tips too:D
    Love your look dear:)
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    Let me know on my blog so I can follow back. ;)

  5. Perfect little black outfit, your shoes are perfect

    Love Imke

  6. Wooww such a nice post :D love the way you are running your blog! My first time here and I am already looking forward to read your next post <3