Friday, March 13, 2015


 I'm Wearing: Topshop tee, Forever 21 skirt and Inu-Inu bag 

Yep I bought another fried egg item… It’s so tacky but I love ma fried eggs. I got this super sweet bag a few weeks ago and to be honest I’ve only worn it once but I do plan on wearing it way to much. I also got a sweet hook up with these specs and I wouldn’t think i’d normally wear a reflective pair but I’m lovin' them now.

Before this year started I didn’t really think my Graphic design course would take up much blogging time but I’m having to squeeze this quick in the back yard post up in-between assignment tasks. I think I also may have broken the main photography rule with having the sun behind me but fuck that I’m no photographer and I am loving those natural light leaks. Little do you guys know that I’m actually wearing my mums garden crocs in these photos so I didn’t stand on any bindis talk about fashion blogger. 

Love Alex

p.s No animals were harmed in the making of this post