Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Part one of my Japan travel Diaries:

First stop, Osaka!

After waking up far too early to catch our flight to Osaka we landed around 7pm and headed to our fabulous Airbnb apartment in the heart of Shinsaibashi. Before arriving I was having pretty sketchy thoughts about using Airbnb but it was 10 times better than staying at a hotel. Although the apartments in Japan really are the smallest I have ever experienced. Our apartment overlooked a shrine next door with beautiful Cherry Blossom trees that made up for the apartments teeny tiny size.

Day 1 in Osaka was Universal studios, I had already experienced the horrendous lines at Universal once before and this visit wasn’t any better.  My family and I are complete Harry Potter fans so we really only visited the park for Harry Potter World so we dedicated our day to that. We ended up spending 3 hours in a line to go on the forbidden journey ride and it was the most incredible ride I have been on to date. 

After we had completely Harry Pottered our selves out we left Universal disappointed as we had only been on one ride as the lines were just insane. To pick up our spirits we strolled around Shinsaibashi to find a place to eat to prep ourselves for the 600m long shopping arcade. I picked up a few things and we finished the night admiring Dotonbori’s famous neon signs that magically reflect onto the canals. 

Day 2 in Osaka I decided to enjoy the sights and didn’t use my phone or camera however we explored Shinsaibashi even more and visited a shrine before heading off to Tokyo!

Love Alex

p.s Part two of my travels coming next week!


  1. what a perfect way to start my day! these photos are truly inspirational. Love the quality of it ♥


  2. Great photos!!!! Nice place!!!

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