Monday, March 7, 2016


Oh Melbourne, you did good.

This is not my first time visiting Melbourne, Ive been a hand full of times now and this visit has by far been the best. It could be because I traveled alone (without mum and dad hehe love you guys) and met up with my beautiful sister and spent a full week just hanging out with her. Since she's been living out of home for quite a while now we don't always get to spend time together so not only was this week super fun it was also really special. My sis and I got up to all sorts including eating lots of yummy foods and drinks at any possible moment, grooving to RnB classics in a club we probably never thought we’d go to, Shopping in tha city, Watching the sun set from St Kilda, Hanging in Fitzroy pools, Catching up on our favourite show together, eating lots of avocado, shooting blogposts & a Look book, going to the gallery (twice) and just generally having a laugh. It was the best week of 2016 so far and I just want to go back!

Love Alex


  1. these photos are making me homesick </3
    glad you enjoyed the warhol x ai wei wei exhibition!

  2. ooh you went to the Warhol x Wei Wei exhibition! That's so cool
    Love the photos you took!



  3. I just found your blog Alex oh my god I love it! Your photos are gorgeous and so lucky you live over in Australia :)

    Davina at xx