Friday, April 8, 2016


Pillows, cushions! whatever ya wanna call them! I’ve been resting my head on them a lot these past few days as I’ve had a crazy virus and haven’t been able to leave my bed or do anything but sleep! Which means no shooting new blog posts which I’m dieing to do :( but lucky for me I made these pillows the other week and have had the photos sitting on my desktop staring at me waiting for me to do something with them!

So here’s tha steps to give your bed a little re vamp!

Grid Pillow steps:
This pillow is actually a tea towel I bought in a 3 pack at Kmart for $5! I immediately saw the pattern and was like this is too good to wipe dishes on so I folded it over, sewed around the edges, put a pillow filler inside and ta da!

Pretzel pillow steps:
You will need:
Material 3 x colours
General sewing bits
Lots and lots of stuffing

Step 1: Basically we are making a super long pillow then tying it into a pretzel. I think everyone's made a pillow at least once in their life so I'm hoping you won't even need to read these steps and nail this DIY. 
Step 2: The total pillow size before being tied is 153cm and 20cm wide so with that in mind it's time to decide if you're going to use three different fabrics, one or maybe even four! 
Step 3: Measure up your different panels of fabric to fit within the 153cm. My measurements were 50cm for the pink, 90cm for the silver and 30cm for the black.
Step 4: Join all the fabric pieces together to create one big piece of fabric. Make sure you're sewing everything inside out so the outside is all neat and pretty.
Step 5:You should now have one big piece of fabric, fold it over insides facing out and sew around one end making it a closed circle and along the long edge leaving the other end open for stuffing. Remember your pillow after being folded is 20cm wide.
Step 6: Start filling your pillow with stuffing! I used a regular sleeping pillow and cut it in half so that the pretzel stuffing was flat inside and not bulging like regular stuffing was inside my pillow as I used very thin fabric.
Step 7: Once your pillow is firmly stuffed pin around your last curved edge then neatly sew it closed. Now you should have one long sausage shaped pillow!
Step 8: Fiddle around with it until it's sitting in the perfect pretzel position
Step 9: Take some thread on a hand sew needle and secure your pretzel ends down to your desired position and now you're done! yay

I hope these steps kind of made sense! I completely winged it when I was sewing both of these pillows.

Love Alex 


  1. This is so cute and creative, I love the colours too! Xx

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Definitely will be trying it in the holidays x