Monday, April 25, 2016


 I'm wearing: Tee's by Alex tee's and assorted denim items.

What up queens! As you may or may not know I run a little label called Tee's By Alex and you guessed it I design and sell tee's! It's pretty inevitable that they'll pop up on the blog every so often so here's a few of my current faves. If you want to shop any of these bad boys you can head over to my shop and pick up any of these and oh so many more.

Some other note worthy life updates ~

~ I go to America in less than 2 months which is ridiculous
~ I got splendour tickets!
~ Currently halfway through converting my spare room into an office space which I am way too excited about.
~ Found $5 in a book yesterday
~ It's a public holiday and I should be at the beach but instead I'm doing an assignment and cleaning out my wardrobe :(

Love Alex