Saturday, May 21, 2016


 I'm wearing: DIY fur bomber, House of Cards skirt, ASOS tee and Converse 

My two fave colours in the whole wide world are baby pink and baby blue. If I could wear this colour combo all the damn time I probably would, but gotta mix it up you know.

I sewed this bomber jacket last winter and I’m finally able to start wearing it again along with all my other jackets and I am so goddamn happy about it. In other news I’m off to America in less than a month and that’s gonna be hot hot hot and not to mention amazing. 

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday as much as I am! I’m currently writing this post on my desk which is covered in DIY goodness as I’m in the middle of making something special. hehe

Love Alex ! 


  1. You made a really sweet bomber jacket. Such a cute DIY piece.

    Chariza M. | LE-VISUALISTE.COM

  2. Omg this jacket is stunning! Beautiful pictures

    Ruby x