Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Day Eleven ~ Got the day going with some yummy breakfast then headed into the city to go up the mighty Rockefellar, Spent an hour or so lookin’ at the pretty city, headed to Empire state and spent another hour havin’ a look (NY TIP: I seriously would only recommend going up the Rockefellar and looking at the Empire State. Top of the Rock is 3 levels of views with glass so all your views are clear. Empire is pretty underwhelming compared to Rockefellar and your view is covered by a cage) After looking at the city from every angle imaginable we walked down 5th Avenue, went for a little shop, Spotted the Flatiron building, Crossed the road with Julia Roberts, went back to the apartment for a refresh and eventually headed back out to St Marks, went to Ten Degrees for happy hour, ate dinner at a yummy Mexican place, after dinner we explored St Marks a little more (Which was super cool by the way) eventually headed home with some lovely blisters.   

Day Twelve ~ Started our day with the Gossip Girl tour, drove all around the city and saw almost 40 destinations from the TV series, finished the tour at Grand Central and had a lil look because you can't not, grabbed a couple slices of pizza and ate them at the library where the Sex and the City almost wedding was filmed, headed to our landmark cruise, saw the Statue of liberty, the Brooklyn bridge and everything in-between, got off the boat and walked to the 9/11 memorial, after the memorial we headed to Wall Street to check out the big bull, eventually hopped on the train back to Long Island, hung out in the park along the river where we were staying and randomly found a Meghan Trainor concert, grabbed a bite to eat and relaxed in the apartment for the rest of the evening.

Day Thirteen ~ Put on some cute outfits and headed to East Village, had a bottomless brunch at a super cute place called 'Pardon my French', got a little bit tipsy after a lot of mimosas, after brunch we walked to Soho for a little bit of shopping, found an insane Zara sale and bought lots of goodies, explored Soho for a little bit and eventually walked to the court house where Law and Order is filmed, hopped on a train and headed back to Long Island, grabbed some Thai takeaway from Tuk Tuk and ate it back at the apartment, got all dressed up and headed out to a tequila bar in Lower East Side and had a little boogy.

Day Fourteen ~ Left NYC :( Arrived New Orleans ~ New Orleans photo diary coming next week!


  1. Looks like you had a great time,the pic are amazing!I MISS New York.

  2. I'm going to nyc at the end of August and I can't wait! I love your photos Alex and your style :) Keep up the amazing posts xo

    1. Oh my gosh! So exciting.. You're going to have the best time! xx Thank you!