Friday, March 10, 2017


I'm the type of person to wear slippers around the house all day, everyday. But if I decide to spontaneously go outside and weed the garden my slippers gotta keep up. So I'm all about this fur slide trend. I made these black fur slides last year and they're holding up so strong but I can't say no to baby pink, ever.  So I grabbed my trusty Araldite glue, spare fabric and some blank slides and off we went. I'm going to attempt to give ya'll the steps to make these below but long story short I just made a big long pillow type piece of fabric, glued it evenly to the side of the the slides, let it dry overnight and tied a knot.

But here goes ~ I even made a cute gif to try and help!

Step 1 ~ Find a pair of blank slides (mine are from Rubi Shoes), some super strong glue (I used Araldite) and a sewing machine and all the other bits like thread and scissors.
Step 2 ~ Cut 2 long pieces of fabric that you're going to fold and sew around the edges and turn inside out. My pieces were about 60cm long and 25cm wide.
Step 3 ~ Fold your fabric so the nice shiny side is facing in, sew around the edges leaving a lil hole so you can turn it inside out. I sewed rough curves at each edge of the fabric just so the bow would look cuter.
Step 4 ~ Once you've got 2 x satin pillow case lookin' rectangles of fabric, place them onto the slides evenly on the middle, peg them down and glue the fabric down tightly. Make sure you only do a thick strip of glue at the bottom of the shoe that'll be covered by the bottom of the knot. DO NOT PUT GLUE ALL OVER THE SLIDE. It doesn't dry clear and ruins the look!!!
Step 5 ~ Once you've got tidy little strips of glue holding down your fabric, leave your shoes to dry over night. Once your shoes are completely dry, have a play around and tie the perfect lil knot with all the excess fabric.
Step 6 ~ Ya done! you can even decorate your slides with confetti stars!

Happy Friday craft-a-noon!

Love Alex

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