Thursday, February 20, 2014


 I'm Wearing: Thrifted Denim Jacket, Temt Dress, Topshop socks and Converse
Yesterday I received a mystery parcel in the mail from my sister it turned out to be another pair of converse! Which I never expected to receive and I looooove them. Today I went party shopping with my mum in preparation for my tropical themed 18th that you’ll see on here very soon.

Love Alex

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm wearing: Forever 21 tee, WEGO skirt, Tutuanna socks & Converse

Clearly it’s been a while since I played with chalk in my street because my hopscotch was a mess I added extra boxes and had the numbers all over the place but it’s still functional right? I thought this might be a cute way to show you an outfit so I hope you like it.

Love Alex

Friday, February 7, 2014


I'm Wearing: SportsGirl tee and ASOS pinafore

Last night I went bowling with a group of friends and I wont even sit here and try convince you all that we killed it. We tried our best... and that's what counts righhhht? anyway we got the place to find out that we had not even 20 mins to play a game as the bowling alley had been rented out by 30 very small children. As inconvenient as that situation was we still had a fun time and I ended up coming second. After that we got some sushi at a cute little place and it was delicious!

Love Alex