Sunday, May 29, 2016


 A lil photo diary of Big Pineapple Festival 2016

Long story short my best gal pal was covering Big Pineapple Festival for Triple J yesterday and brought me along as her lil photographer. We went from sippin’ on too many Sailor Jerry’s to dancing in the media pit for the whole entire RÜFÜS set with just 2 security guards, a couple photographers and a whole lotta room to groove, what a time to be alive am I right? I fuckin’ loved every second of RÜFÜS and watching my snap story 100 times over today really hasn’t helped with reality setting in. All round Pineapple fest was a fab time. 7.5/10

Love Alex 

p.s all photos taken by me!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


 I'm wearing: DIY fur bomber, House of Cards skirt, ASOS tee and Converse 

My two fave colours in the whole wide world are baby pink and baby blue. If I could wear this colour combo all the damn time I probably would, but gotta mix it up you know.

I sewed this bomber jacket last winter and I’m finally able to start wearing it again along with all my other jackets and I am so goddamn happy about it. In other news I’m off to America in less than a month and that’s gonna be hot hot hot and not to mention amazing. 

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday as much as I am! I’m currently writing this post on my desk which is covered in DIY goodness as I’m in the middle of making something special. hehe

Love Alex ! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


I'm wearing: ASOS tee, Lyla & Co pinafore, Vagabond boots and Poppy Lissiman x Lazy Oaf Sunglasses's.


I love a good collab and oh giiiirl this one was too good to miss. Poppy Lissiman x Lazy Oaf are a match made in heaven. Not only are the glasses beautiful but the packaging and even the glasses cleaner are adorable! Everything about these glasses make me excited to be alive. I am just obsessed.

Happy freaking saturday babes!

Love Alex

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I’ve always done all my work in my bedroom and as of late I’ve been wanting to separate my sleep and work areas so I transformed the spare bedroom next door into an office space! The spare bedroom has been a god damn mess for years now and we kind of used it as a dumping ground. The before pictures don’t do the room justice it was far worse with another cupboard, an ugly bedside table and stacks and stacks of my mums paintings. So after a major clean out and a rearrange I had a somewhat blank canvas to work with.

To get things going I emptied out the already existing book shelf in the room and gave a load of books to the Opshop and began filling the shelf with all my own craft goodies, magazines and sketch books. Next up I rotated the bed, used a white bed cover we already had, picked up this cheap as hell grid cover from Kmart (It was $18) and then one decorative pillow from Target and Ta Da! a whole new bed! I then placed a mirror beside the bed to create even more space but also to disguise my secret charging spot. For the desk I painted an old brown IKEA desk white to freshen it up a little. Then I set up my portable clothes hanger to hang all of my sample tee’s. Lastly to finish the space off I added all the little finishing touches like the photo frames, plants, fairy lights and a feature wall with 2 notice boards and a few other little bits.

I am super excited about this new space for me to create in and design new tee's, write new blog posts and create little random DIY projects. Hopefully this post has inspired at least one person to get up and change a room they don't like in their house. It only takes a little bit of effort and the reward is oh so good. 

Love Alex