Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'm Wearing: American Apparel skirt, YRU flat-forms and Tee's by me!

Sippin’ on an ice tea right now whilst writing this blog post for ya’ll. This post has been sitting open on my computer all week and I still have no idea why I haven't posted it yet. 

So Basically If I didn't already design enough food related apparel heres some more for you all. These tee’s are the beginning of a sequin and felt range of tees! I have lots of designs in the works and I'm excited to show you all.
Both of these tees combined took over 7 hours to create.. My eyes burned from staying up to late and my hands cramped up from hand sewing sequins. I now completely feel for any person who sews sequin covered apparel on the daily. All those ladies and men out there need some serious love this shit ain’t easy. 

So you’re probably thinking “yeah alright Alex.. life sucks.. Just tell me how much and where?”

Well.. I'm opening a online store where you can purchase any of my original graphic tee designs and also my new collection of tee’s that are completely made by me! I’m still trying to come up with a cute name for that collection so if you've got any ideas.. Let me know.

The prices will range from $25-$60 for a tee but it all depends on how long each T-shirt takes to be made. I will let you guys know when my store is officially open!!

Love Alex