Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 I’m Wearing: Day: Topshop tee, DIY T-skirt and thrifted denim jacket.
                         Night: BooHoo tee, Everland skirt, Asos top and boots.

Another birthday done and dusted.. Feels a little strange to think this is my last year being a ‘teen’. 

Part one of my Birthday celebrations started in an apartment in Brisbane with all my closets gal pals. You can imagine what comes next and how I felt the next day so I think i’ll leave it at that. 

Part two of my Birthday started way too early for a good poached egg and a hash brown. I then shopped and lunch came around so I ate more food at this point I am bursting at the seems but I still photographed my outfit for ya’ll and went home and had a nap before dinner. I’m really into naps right now and I almost can’t go a day without one which is really bad.  For dinner I ate some Vietnamese rolls with my family we then headed to movies and I finished the night off with my loves (potato chips) in bed watching real housewives. 

Love Alex 

p.s Thanks mum i had a fabulous day

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I'm wearing: Topshop tee, Everland skirt, Choies mesh jacket and Rubi shoes boots

Hello! so it’s official my holidays are over and I’m straight into studying Graphic design, working and managing my T-shirt line. But I have promised myself that I will not forget about my blog! 

On a fabulous note I just purchased the Everland neoprene skirt in black and white and boy am I excited. I love that they’re just like your average skirt but with a cute twist. I paired the skirt with the classic Topshop scallop tee and I actually don’t mind the clash of rounded hems. For a final touch I added the mesh jacket and lace up boots for a casual and comfy outfit that can easily flow from day to night. 

Love Alex

Monday, February 2, 2015


Eat Street Markets

I'm Wearing: Kiss the Sky Dress, Forever 21 Belt and Doc Martens 

St Jerome's Laneway Festival

First festival of the year officially checked off the list! Boy oh boy was Laneway a good time. It’s always good vibes when you leave all your worries at home with your best pals to groove to some new and old favourites.

My festival started with Tkay maidza who was followed by Andy Bull, Vic Mensa, Rustie, Banks, Little Dragon, Jungle, Caribou, FKA Twigs and finished with the fabulous Flight Facilities. All were fabulous in their own way but I will have to say Flight Facilities were my favourite. The boys stage presence is something I appreciate as it’s all about the music and not their voices. Sometimes it’s nice not to be told to “put your fucken hands up”.  

As far as festival fashion goes theres really no right way to do it.. you are going to sweat regardless and boy did i sweat. I bought this dress from ASOS at the start of this month and saved it for Laneway. I wanted a comfortable outfit but at the same time shows my personal style so I was pretty happy with this purchase. I feel like the usual for festivals is shorts and a little top for minimal sweat but If you know me personally you will know seeing me in denim shorts is pretty rare.

I was also excited about my new belt from Forever 21, A cute little stylised bum bag and it fit everything I needed and meant my arms were free and I really loved not having to worry about a bag. I just know i’m going to get some good use out of this bumbag this year!

We also visited Eat Street markets the night before Laneway and ate some delicious curry.  My dreamy poached egg from the morning after also made an appearance in this blog post. 

Love Alex

P.s If you want to hear more about Laneway and it’s musical beauties I suggest you head over to my fav gal pals fabulous music blog!