Monday, July 25, 2016


 Splendour In The Grass ~ Photo Diary 2016

Here we are again, another year of Splendour In The Grass is officially over. Currently feeling all the feels of slowly easing back into reality and if I’m honest editing photos this afternoon has been nothing but rough. Checked my Snapchat story this morning and apparently I had the literal best time at Flume last night so I’m going to go ahead and say that was my highlight. Plus Santigold, Lido, Duke Dumont, Swick and The Strokes were some of my other cheeky faves. 

Can always count on Splendour for a super fun week. Already missing the bubbles, laughs, Splendour vibes and too many dranks. Until next year Splendour ;)

Love Alex

p.s shoutout to my camp site homies for paryting and keepin’ it real wid me.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


New York, a place you grow up dreaming about and sometimes places like this can leave you feeling a little bit disappointed. But not New York I was so god damn excited to be there. It exceeded all my expectations and has left me wanting more. It's literally exactly what you think it is and so much more. I only spent a week there and filled my days as much as I could and I honestly feel like I could spend a month there and still have lots to do and see. New York is amazing and exciting and I cannot wait to go back!

Day Nine ~ Left good ol’ DC on a train and made our way to New York city, lugged our suitcases through Long Island to our accommodation, put on a cute outfit and headed out for some lunch, ate Thai at a super cute restaurant called Tuk Tuk in Long Island, picked up a metro card and headed to crazy Times Square, explored Times and got all the cliche photos hehe, walked along 5th Avenue and shopped our little hearts out, found the Friends/Gossip Girl fountain without even knowing it, went into an Urban Outfitters for the first time and died of happiness and then eventually headed home with one too many shopping bags.

Day Ten ~ Started our day with a yummy fruit cup and hopped onto the metro and headed to The Met, wandered around The Met for a couple hours, ate a falafel sandwich from a food truck on the Met steps, (yes for all you Gossip Girl fans I said the Met Steps) bought an ice-cream and walked through Central Park, saw Mr Robot being filmed, went to the Natural History Museum, watched a space show and explored the insanely realistic exhibits, eventually left the museum and explored the surrounding streets, hopped on the subway to Times Square to buy some tacky I heart NY souvenirs, headed back to Long Island and ate at Bare Burger a super yummy burger place, walked down to the river and looked at all the pretty city lights.

Day Eleven ~ Coming next week