Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I'm wearing: Swimmers from Zara

From the worst sunburn since 14 yr old wannabe tan Alex to cocktails the size of a small aquarium, Miami was a good time. I didn't realise how many pretty pastel art deco buildings I was going to stumble across in Miami but I'm not complaining at all, it was like a real life Insta feed of pretty things.

Day five ~ Snoozed on a bus for a couple hours and woke up in Miami!, Immediately changed into bikinis and headed out for lunch and ate a bloody delicious vege burger, relaxed on the beach and finished the evening off with pizza and a gals night in.

Day six ~ Woke up and headed straight to Starbucks, hopped on a dodgy little bus down to South Beach where all the magic happens, headed onto the sand and found a little shade tent, popped open a few Mike's lemonades, went for a dip in the ocean, eventually headed up to the restaurants and ordered the worlds largest/strongest cocktail and the rest is history.

Day seven ~ Left Miami ~ arrived Washington DC!

Love Alex

Monday, June 20, 2016


It’s officially been a week since I arrived in America, the first four days of my trip were so Disney jam packed it’s not even a joke. I only left Disney property once and I’m not one single bit mad about it. If you don’t know Disney World in Florida it's literally the size of a small town, has it’s own shops, numerous resorts and 4 major parks.

Day one ~ Woke up feelin’ sporty in the All star sports hotel, ventured to Disney Spring’s, shopped my little heart out at Zara, refuelled at Starbucks, explored the shops, hopped on a bus to Disney Hollywood Studios, met Woody and Buzz, went on the Tower of terror and grew a fear of elevators, ate a big ol pizza for dinner and ended the day playing drinking games and drinking shitty beer with disney college kids. 

Day two ~ Woke up and put my Disney tee n Minnie ears on, made our way to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, got surprised with breakfast with the princess’s in the castle, sweated our lives away on the hottest day on earth, went on some rides, had a cheeky nap and visited Disney Springs one last time.

Day three ~ Kicked things off with the River Rapids ride at Animal Kingdom, followed by the Everest and Dinosaur ride, ate delicious lunch at an asian restaurant, patted some goats and eventually got onto a bus to Epcot, hopped from world to world and finished it off with the ride Soarin’. After an already massive day we hopped on the bus to Hollywood Studios to watch the Star Wars fireworks and eat some popcorn. 

Day four ~ Fourth day of nothing but Disney so we relaxed all morning and spent some time by the pool, eventually ventured into Magic Kingdom for some rides, watched the electrical parade and 'Celebrate the Magic' show from reserved seating hooked up by a Disney pal, met Mickey and ate a burger. 

Disney you were everything I thought you'd be and more :)

Day five ~ woke up way too early and got on a bus to MIAMI!

p.s Everything I got up to in Miami is a secret until next weeks post hehe

Love Alex