Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I'm Wearing: Forever 21 Skirt, YRU Flat-forms, Top shop Socks, ASOS top and Choies Mesh Jacket

Hey pals,
Today has been ridiculously hot I can't even deal. I have been wanting to show you this fabulous jacket for a while now! I bought it from Choies online  store and to be honest I really wouldn't reccomend using Choies I had some serious troubles buying this precious jacket. The story is pretty boring it involves me furiously yelling at a man behind my computer screen god knows where on their online assistance chat.
On another note I am still completely obsessed with my YRU flatforms and I still haven't broken my ankle! Yahoo

p.s Please excuse the quality of these photos my camera died just as we started to shoot so we had to resort to iPhone! Bloody typical

Love Alex

Friday, November 7, 2014


I'm Wearing: Calvin Klein Sequin skirt, Custom tee made by me (for sale soon) and New Look Boots

Hello Hello, I am finally taking a break from Sims 4 to post this blog post for ya'll.

Today's post is all about sequins because lately I have been going a bit sequin crazy. First off I will be selling heaps of sequin embellished tee's designed by me in my new shop which is coming very soon this tee included, I will let you all know when its officially launched!
Secondly today I went sequin shopping to re-stock on some colors and I randomly thought "oh I've got heaps of time I'll just check if Trade Secret has anything" Pretty much thinking Trade Secret is usually a shit pile of Roxy and surf brand junk so I wasn't feelin' it. I cruise on over to the sale rack and a shiny sequiny skirt is looking into my soul I pick it up not even looking at the size and then I see another I actually start to lose my mind a little grinning at this rack then I'm like alright the sale rack was okay I will just look at the full priced area. I START TO LOSE MY MIND sequin shit everywhere I literally grab everything sequin and try it on. This seems all very alarming but not to worry I only left with the 2 skirts from the sale rack both priced at $20... it was too good to be true.

Love Alex