Friday, September 19, 2014


 I'm Wearing: ASOS Mesh Dress, American Apparel Skirt, Urban outfitters socks and YRU flatforms

After a long disappointing search I finally found a pair of flatforms that weren't too high, came in my size, didn't look like creepers... the list goes on.  YRU always delivers the goods and they definitely have this time I am super happy with these shoes.  I'm still a little bit anxious to wear these sometimes as I'm already 6foot but fuck it. 

Some other things that happened today include becoming an A lister on Kim Kardashian's app (this literally took me weeks) and this morning to my surprise I opened up my bacon egg Mcmuffin with no cheese from Maccas to find it had cheese and no egg...... I will just leave you with that thought

Love Alex 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


 I'm Wearing: Eggcelent set of titties shirt from my apparel line, Cheap Monday jeans, New Balances and Parka from Princess Polly.

I recently got a pair of New balance 574's in the mail and I was so excited but then after trying them on with outfits I have sadly decided to return these bad boys I just don't think they're quite my style and I don't want to try be something I am not. Side note: I would just like to mention these shoes really don't look great with cute socks and thats just a real problem for me.

But enough about that! I have recently been wearing my hair in a ponytail and showing off my rather large ears that i'd usually hide and I'm excited about it because it feels fresh. I am also wearing one of my custom tees designed by me! You can get your own for $25 here.

Love Alex!