Friday, August 1, 2014


The presets
Danny Brown
I'm Wearing: a set of terrible outfits as i packed awfully.
 Splendour in the grass 2014
It’s safe to say Splendour was an incredibly draining experience and i enjoyed every minute of it. This was my first Splendour in the grass and i really didn't prepare for the coldest sleeps of my life. The days started with neighbours singing very loudly and other various annoying situations after these horrible awakenings the days began i don’t think my feet were really prepared for three jam packed days of walking and dancing. The converse only just pulled through. So for my memories sake i am now going to sum up each day so i will ever forget who i saw.

Started with me waking up incredibly early and sitting in a car for too long with no leg room and anyone who has a longer body than the usual human will understand the struggle of this situation. Then we finally arrived at Splendour got some bags checked and successfully got every drop of alcohol in. This made me happy. For the rest of this day we just sat under our gazebo prepping for tomorrow.

Started with a piece of peanut butter on toast and a beverage. We drank until our first act of the day which was a girl called TKAY MAIDZA then we saw Peking Duck, The Presets, Outkast, Interpol, Kelis and then i ate a chicken bowl for dinner. I’d also like to mention on this night i wore 2 T-shirts, a jumper, parka, pajama pants, socks, sleeping bag and 2 sheets to bed. I was still cold…

Started with our neighbours yelling and screaming to some old hot hits which is just annoying when its before 9am in the morning. But non the less we woke up and started drinking once again. On this day i saw Foals, Rufus, Art vs science, Broods and Motez and i know there was something else but i have already forgotten. By this stage in the festival i was already having back pains from boogieing too hard.

Our final day at Splendour started with my neighbours having too much fun at 7am in the morning when our tents were literally 30cm away from each other.. After they stopped “vigorously moving their mattress” we once again started drinking. On this day i saw Lily Allen, Ben Howard, Chvches, Group Love and Danny Brown. And i would just like to mention that somebody actually started weeing on me in the Danny Brown mosh and i was not ok with it. 

Consisted of me carrying lots of heavy bags and taking lots of deep breathes as i was just tired and easily irritated and the fact that it took us 3 hours to get out of the Splendour car park didn't help my vibes. 

Note to self for next year: Bring more bedding and some more patience

Love Alex