Saturday, March 28, 2015


I'm Wearing: American Apparel shirt and skirt, Oroton bag and Rubi shoes
Kristy's Wearing: Urban outfitters overalls, Reebok's, Asos crop & socks

Blogger breakfast ft. Kritty my gal pal who’s blog is a sweet sweet palace of tunes you should probably go download and appreciate.
Check out her blog here

Today’s post is a little snapshot of this mornings adventure from eating way to much avocado and exploring hidden gems of ocean street.

I haven’t got much else on my mind other than Japan next sunday and all the assessment that needs to be done before then so yeah you can imagine the feels 

Love Alex

Thursday, March 19, 2015


 I'm Wearing: H&M top and skirt, DIY fluffy sandals and sunglasses from a festival

The countdown until my second trip to Japan is comin' in real hot. Only a few weeks until I'm back in my favourite place in the whole world. What's more exciting is that I get to share it with my fam! I'm going to be blogging the whole trip so look forward to seeing some sweet travel diaries.
Speaking of Japan last time I was there I bought this sheer button up top which isn't usually my style and I decided that today I would finally wear it. I paired it with a casual leather skirt and DIY fluffy sandals for an outfit that effortlessly transitions into an evening look.

Love Alex

Friday, March 13, 2015


 I'm Wearing: Topshop tee, Forever 21 skirt and Inu-Inu bag 

Yep I bought another fried egg item… It’s so tacky but I love ma fried eggs. I got this super sweet bag a few weeks ago and to be honest I’ve only worn it once but I do plan on wearing it way to much. I also got a sweet hook up with these specs and I wouldn’t think i’d normally wear a reflective pair but I’m lovin' them now.

Before this year started I didn’t really think my Graphic design course would take up much blogging time but I’m having to squeeze this quick in the back yard post up in-between assignment tasks. I think I also may have broken the main photography rule with having the sun behind me but fuck that I’m no photographer and I am loving those natural light leaks. Little do you guys know that I’m actually wearing my mums garden crocs in these photos so I didn’t stand on any bindis talk about fashion blogger. 

Love Alex

p.s No animals were harmed in the making of this post

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The original beauty

I have been wanting to do another DIY post for you guys for a little while now as they are one of my favorite things to do! After getting all excited over Moschino’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway collection, designed by Jeremy Scott. I decided I needed the bear bag to then discover it was sold out everywhere and way too expensive for my student lifestyle.

I attempted to sew my own version but it ended up looking very different but still cute nonetheless!

Here are some rough step by step instructions on how I made my Moschino inspired bear bag but I myself winged it so I thought i’d tell you how I did it and let you guys just run with it… You might even think of better ways to do it than me!

Step 1: First I snipped the head off the toy and pulled out all the stuffing. Then I patched up the hole ready to create a new hole for the purse fitting. I bought the purse fitting from Spotlight (gigantic sewing store) and measured and cut out the opening hole.

Step 2: Then I cut some rough fabric circles the size of the purse and sewed them together along half of the circle to create the inside lining of the purse. 

Step 3: I then lined up the lining with the purse edges and pinned them down and started to sew on the purse fitting. I used this link to see how to sew on a purse fitting but to be honest the row of holes is pretty obvious. 

Step 4: Once everything was sewn together I stole a chain from another bag of mine that was falling apart and attached it to the bag!

That is pretty much how I made the purse I probably left out a few things and you might be left slightly confused but I think you guys will figure it out.

Love Alex