Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm Wearing : Urban Outfittfers T-shirt dress, DIY skirt, ASOS socks and Converse
On my internet shopping travels I came across a Urban Renewal skirt on Urban Outfitters keep in mind this was a few weeks back and off course when I went back to buy it, it was gone.  Then I remembered I bought a denim shirt from a thrift store a long time ago and never wore it. So I decided to cut the damn thing up and make it into the skirt. 

Love Alex

P.s if you're interested in making one of these skirts for yourself let me know in the comments below and ill give you some tips and tricks.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Room Tour 2014!

Just a quick update for you guys, I have been thinking of doing a room tour for a while now but lets be honest who's room is ever clean enough to be seen by the public.
So I wanted my room to be mostly all white with a few cute little things around the place. I don't really like to fill the shelves which is kinda stupid but I don't like clutter. You may have also noticed the back of my door is black this is because about 2 years ago I attempted to make it into a blackboard and it didn't quite work out I really don't recommend you ever try it. haha

Anyway, this is my room!

Love Alex 

p.s I decided to show you only one part of my wardrobe because the rest of it was a complete mess and lets face it I was too lazy to fix it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


 I'm Wearing: American Apparel shirt, Home made skirt, WEGO socks, Converse and a bunch of Hawaiian stuff from a 2 dollar store

My Birthday weekend started off with a tropical themed celebration at my house, I had spent 3 days decorating the house with tonnes of decorations. I invited all my favourite people over and it was a fabulous evening (that I hardly remember) hehe. Then two days after it was my actual birthday and I went to the beach with my friends then in the evening I had a butter chicken cook up and cake at my house. and that's about it!

Love Alex