Thursday, January 1, 2015


Today's post: WHAT'S IN MY BAG!! Um lot's of activity objects that probably don’t need to be there but I have a very short attention span. Well, you know how it is when your family packs up the fridge for a family day out... you need to be ready for any situation!

Phone: Because we all need to keep up to date

Purse: It's way too adorable not to enjoy and shopping, just shopping full stop

Book: Just started this book! So I cant leave it at home

Nintendo DS: Old habits die hard. Just the odd game

Sunglasses: I like being able to see... so protect those eyes ladies

Headphones: They're pretty ridiculous, but they deliver a fabulous personal disco

IPod: Beats. Always

Lipgloss: I recently watched The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and realised pale pink lip gloss is fabulous

Sharpie: Still questioning why I have this

Hair tie: My hair occasionally feels like a heat blanket, so yes 

Loose change: Just germs really, not a huge fan, but having money is great

Lip Balm: I love this lip balm! It's natural and does wonders

Keys: God knows where they went

I'm constantly switching bags and cleaning them out so I realise I'm not photographing the disgusting gum packets and countless receipts, but they do exist. I didn't bother posting all the images of my most used bags as the lighting was horrendous and I'm no photographer! But they are scattered all over my blog.

Love Alex


  1. I love whats in my bags! Its so nosy but its great to see other bits & bobs people carry around! Awesome photos!


  2. a lipgloss is an essential for our handbag too! Love the photography xxxx

  3. I love your blog!

  4. Great post. I love your headphones! By the way, I tagged you for the Grateful Blogger Tag. I hope you can check it out and do the challenge, too! :)

  5. Such cool stuff, love all of it - especially the earphones! Just found your blog and really like it, had to give it a follow x
    Feel free to check out our latest post :)

  6. great post! omg that purse is absolutely cute, love it!
    xx Ama


  7. I like to switch bag and I hate it when something important left on another bag. And those countless receipts! They're like, all over my bags and purse too. It is exciting to know you have the same problem. Anyway, great photos!

  8. Beautiful photos and post! Love your blog! <3
    What's in my bag post is up on my blog now, if you can, check it out. :)

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  10. I love your purse! <3
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