Monday, May 25, 2015


 I'm Wearing: ADA tee, Dr Denim jeans, ASOS jacket with customised pockets, Vintage Mickey tee and Converse 

Day 10: The morning started with a half asleep train ride to Hakone, after a few hours we finally arrived at Gora station. (Long story short if you ever go to Hakone you can buy a ‘Hakone free pass’ that allows you to use the trains, cable cars, pirate ship and ropeways around the area)
After spending the last week in busy Tokyo there was something about arriving in Hakone that was really special. The smell of fresh air in the mountains was very much needed. 
After appreciating the fresh air we hopped on the Ropeway and saw Mt Fuji for only a few minutes before the clouds covered the mountain again. 
We arrived at the first stop of the day Owakudani, it's a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs!  The local speciality there is kuro-tamago (black eggs) hard boiled in the hot springs. Eating one supposedly increases your life by seven years. This was my second visit there and I still didn’t want to eat an egg. Lets just say the smell of Sulphur and eggs doesn’t make you very hungry. 

After that we spent the rest of the day exploring around Hakone on Pirate ship Ferry’s and more Ropeways. We ate a delicious dinner and enjoyed the rest of the night at our beautiful hotel with a private bath!

Day 11: Our last day in Japan started with a very traditional Japanese breakfast. I opted for a bowl of rice because I'm just not quite ready for raw fish so early in the morning. We packed up our bags one last time and travelled to Hakone Open Air Musesum which is exactly what you would think. A gallery but outside! with beautiful 360 degree views of mountains and lots of art. I had been here once before and I knew I had to show my family this place it is simply amazing. 100% recommend if you like art and fresh air at the same time. We spent our last day in Japan exploring the museum, wishing we weren't leaving and eating pizza.   

This is the final travel diary of this year's trip to Japan. Thank you for being so fabulous Japan I will see you again soon! 

Love Alex 


  1. lovely photos! gotta love everything in japan<3

  2. These photos are super super beautiful :)

    Bisous from France,

  3. I must say I'm obsessed with your photos, I can see you have a real eye for photography. Great post. xox

  4. Great photos! X Laura

  5. These places look so cool! Id love to visit there one day!

  6. Love what you're wearing, your photos and yes Japan is so beautiful!! I make really make Hakone a must travel place in my bucket list! <3


    1. Thanks Girl! Yes you definitely should xx

  7. beautiful photos