Thursday, October 15, 2015


 I'm Wearing: House Of Cards skirt and Mesh tee from Japan

Hey hey back in October 2010 I started blogging in this space and 5 years have somehow flown by and I'm still here having the best time ever!

When I first started this blog it was actually called ‘Alexandria’s room’ I was inspired by my older sister who also had a blog at the time called ‘Kaela’s room’ and me being the 14 year old little sister I copied her completely. Some of the posts from that time still remain but quite a lot have been hidden just because they are too embarrassing to be left up.

After about a year of being Alexandria’s room it finally clicked in my brain to change the name because lets be honest Alexandria’s room didn’t have a good ring to it and it was unoriginal in the first place. This is how Alex In Wanderlust started. Tuula’s blog was one of the first blogs I ever followed and genuinely enjoyed I remember she used to have this Alice Mccall dress with a love heart cut out on the back and I was obsessed with it. So whilst reading Tuula one day I googeld the word ‘Wanderlust’ to find out what it meant and thats how that word even came into my vocabulary at that time. So after having the infamous Alice in Wonderland in my DVD cupboard and this new fabulous word and a name that started with A. I created Alex In Wanderlust. 

Blogging really is my favourite thing to do in my spare time and I'm so excited for the next five years!

Love Alex