Saturday, February 13, 2016


Good Morning Queens, Tomorrow is the day probably only 20% of us have been waiting for. Valentine's Day in my opinion is kinda dumb you might be thinking I only think this because I’m a single gal but I just don’t think there needs to be a day forcefully dedicated to spoiling your loved one. Ya’ll should already be doing that randomly and sporadically allllllll year long. But none the less I’m not going to pass down an opportunity to bake something delicious! Introducing luv yo self cookies with white chocolate icing and kick ass feel good luv notes. So stop reading this post get in your car, drive to the shops and buy ingredients because it's time to bake some cookies! All you need to do is follow this recipe and just melt white chocolate for the icing.

All cookies aside I do hope you have a fabulous Valentine's whether you're spending it alone or with someone special. If you are spending it alone just remember you don't need no man or girl to feel fabulous, like Justin Bieber has been telling us to do on repeat... Love yourself!

Love Alex

p.s These would also be an adorable present


  1. Those cookies looks amazing! Post the recepy!

  2. cookies seem like a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Also, I'm happy that a few of my favorite brands announced sales in the lead up to the Hallmark holiday :D