Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I'm wearing: Swimmers from Zara

From the worst sunburn since 14 yr old wannabe tan Alex to cocktails the size of a small aquarium, Miami was a good time. I didn't realise how many pretty pastel art deco buildings I was going to stumble across in Miami but I'm not complaining at all, it was like a real life Insta feed of pretty things.

Day five ~ Snoozed on a bus for a couple hours and woke up in Miami!, Immediately changed into bikinis and headed out for lunch and ate a bloody delicious vege burger, relaxed on the beach and finished the evening off with pizza and a gals night in.

Day six ~ Woke up and headed straight to Starbucks, hopped on a dodgy little bus down to South Beach where all the magic happens, headed onto the sand and found a little shade tent, popped open a few Mike's lemonades, went for a dip in the ocean, eventually headed up to the restaurants and ordered the worlds largest/strongest cocktail and the rest is history.

Day seven ~ Left Miami ~ arrived Washington DC!

Love Alex


  1. These photos are so dreamy Alex! <3 Miami looks gorgeous xo