Monday, September 5, 2016


Grand Canyon day trip ~ Day Twenty Two

In between Vegas partying days we ventured out to the Grand Canyon for a day. We went on a west rim tour that included the sky walk and 3 viewing points. The drives to and from the Canyon were long and filled with uncomfortable bus sleeps but the trips are well worth it. The view is breathtaking and I’m still convinced its one big green screen. The skywalk is an added bonus to our trip but it wasn’t scary at all and they don’t let you take any belongings with you so no pictures :( unless you want to buy a $50 one. You know the game.
On another note there's no fences at the Grand Canyon so you can literally go for a slip n slide down and never return at any time so that adds a certain chill to 'getting the shot'. 

Basically the Grand Canyon is a goooooood time, would 100% recommend.

Love Alex 


  1. This is somewhere I would love to visit! Although I'd go nowhere near the edge because I'm petrified of heights, hahaha.

    Meg | Elmpetra

    1. hahaha yes definitely stay clear then! so amazing though x