Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Before I was lucky enough to have the chance to explore Washington I always assumed it was all work and no play. But my gal pals and I stayed in a little neighbourhood called Dupont Circle which was insanely adorable, Cute buildings and restaurants galore. So if you're ever in Washington check it out!

Day seven ~ Arrived from Miami and checked into our adorable hotel, walked around our neighbourhood Dupont Circle and ate delicious pasta, walked what felt like miles into the city and shopped a lil, said hello to the White House, ate a big ass cup of fruit for dinner and hung in the hotel room.

Day eight ~ Woke up and made my first ever waffle!, walked into the city and said hello to the White House for a second time, walked up to see the Lincoln memorial, Monument and the surrounding sites, chased some squirrels around, walked back into the city for some lunch, headed to the space museum, bought a massive tub of guac, some fruit and chips and finished what was already a fab day snacking in the adorable front garden of our hotel.

Day nine ~ Packed all of our shit up and got on a train to New york City!

Love Alex


  1. Wow your photos are really pretty Alex and Washington looks so fun! I especially love the Kanye t shirt :) you have great style

    Davina - x

  2. Very beautiful look :)