Saturday, March 4, 2017


Yep ya read correct. I did just turn the big 21! 

For my 18th birthday I threw a tropical themed party and I don't think i'll ever completely remember that night but I do know it was the best time of my damn life. So for my 21st I did it allllllllll over again. Naturally I found the best tropical costume I have ever seen online, bought it and wore it with pride. I know what you're thinking it kinda looks like a big dick... but don't be fooled it's a sassy flamingo. 

I've only ever attended a very small amount of 21st parties in my life time and i've always known them to be all cute with slide shows and speeches. But no one ever told me how warm and fuzzy you feel when it's your own. Can’t even put into words how nice it is to look around your house and see all your faves having a boogy. So if you're one of the tropical punters who came and partied with me, thank you. 

p.s Shout out to Kritty B for moving half of the universe with that speech. Ya got me gooooooooooood & Shout out to Bridget for putting all that time n love into making the cutest lil book.  

Love Alex

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